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The Quester's Guide To Saving It (The World, That Is)

The Quester's Guide To Saving It (The World, That Is)

No permission to buy (£2.99)
Artificial Intelligence has written an epic fantasy book with a little help from authors, Jon Duffy and B Rickenbacher. (Please don’t ever ask them how much of this story they ended up having to write themselves.) The plot is mad, the characters crackers, but the story makes sense, well, sort of. Judge for yourself:

Grandolf Smith, a disgraced actor and pub owner, has been chosen to save humanity from the evil King Phlardarse, the ruler of another world. King Phlardarse has finally found the Pharse Hole (a rift in space-time). Now Phlardarse can conquer Earth and kill all humans. Only, the chubby despot has eaten too many chocs and the hole isn’t quite THAT big. But he will be slim (Phlardarse that is), soon, and when he is, he’ll come to Earth, and when he does … Death to everyone.

Enter: Grandolf, THE man of the hour. He has special super powers. (He can open wine and unblock toilets with a mere thought.)

Grandolf can stop the evil king, but he needs the Key of Svert. Only the Key of Svert can plug the Pharse Hole. Grandolf must find it before King Phlardarse has finished his diet. Together with Bob (a drunken, three-legged hologram) and Pristina (an Elvis fan who was on her way to the shops), and Kray Zell (a gropey so-and-so), as well as Ologia (a woman in rattly armour), he (Grandolf, that is) embarks on a quest to find the Key of Svert which will plug the Pharse Hole once and for all.

See? Crackers. Or bonkers. Or whatever. It’s all fantasy.

The Quester’s Guide To Saving It (The World, That Is) is the companion book to the Green Cows Don’t Fly podcast, and contains loads of extras which aren’t part of the show.

A feel-good, fun story, it’s perfect for anyone who likes a laugh and anyone in need of cheering up, and not to forget those with a taste for the quirky.

So join the quest, buy this book, then head over to Spotify, ApplePodcast or etc, where you can tune into the Green Cows Don’t Fly show to follow B and Jon as they dissect the story. (Just don’t expect an intellectual analysis of the narrative, because they talk a load of blah.)

The Green Cows Don't Fly podcast has been described as legal LSD.
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