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  1. AliG

    Our Words of The Day

    Thanks, Alix. Was fascinating to do.
  2. AliG

    Our Words of The Day

    Thanks! What great words have been found; some easier to use than others...
  3. AliG

    Pop-Up Submissions 21 April

    Sending you lots of positive vibes, Carol Rose
  4. AliG

    Pop-Up Submissions, 14 April

    Ah! So much for the techie part of me.
  5. AliG

    Pop-Up Submissions, 14 April

    @AgentPete Has been uploaded at 2 hours...1 hour of nothing at first. Pruning required?
  6. AliG

    Pop-Up Submissions, 24th March

    I caught up late too. Thanks, Emily; terrific reading from you as always.
  7. AliG

    Pop-Up Submissions, 24th February

    Great show; shook down really well at the end. Think there is one submission of almost just recipes coming up in march. Let's make Emily read that one...cackles...
  8. AliG

    Pop-Up Submissions, 11th November Show

    Like a girl?
  9. AliG

    Pop-Up Submissions Grand Summer Party!

    That was fun; terrific submissions.
  10. AliG

    Pop-Up Submissions 24th June

    Thank you, Katie-Ellen. it was fun- so much talent coming through
  11. AliG

    NEW FORMAT Pop-Up Submissions, 10th June 2018

    Thanks, Barbara. You are very kind. I would love to return, if he'll have me back. Did I give him too much flack? Or not enough...
  12. AliG

    NEW FORMAT Pop-Up Submissions, 10th June 2018

    Thanks- too civil, sir. You make it very easy for your guests to have fun. Really enjoyed it.