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Venerated Member

I've been a member before. I forgot my login and had to create a new account.

I find introductions awkward. I'm pretty sure there isn't an accurate way for people to introduce themselves. But I suppose it's the polite thing to do.

I write speculative fiction. I'm currently working on a series of dystopic stories which intersect with one another.

I have no published work under my own name.

Although, I've ghostwritten ebooks on Meditation, Motivation, and Spirituality. I've also written courses on DBT, Philosophy, and Bullying Awareness.

I currently work as a paid expert on a number of topics. It's a lot like being a tutor. The most popular topic is English.

I'm looking forward to reading the discussion boards.


Patricia D

Idolized Member
Hi Amber - welcome back. I did the same thing - used to belong under another name I couldn't quite remember so joined anew.