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Clickfarms & Amazon KIndle

Discussion in 'Café Life' started by Paul Whybrow, Jul 16, 2017 at 8:36 AM.

  1. Paul Whybrow

    Paul Whybrow Venerated Member

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    As Mark Twain (or Benjamin Disraeli) observed:

    'There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.'

    The unreliability of sales statistics is especially true with the Amazon Kindle store, whose sales charts have been infiltrated by scams run through Chinese clickfarms:

    Scammers Break The Kindle Store

    Considering how some people believe everything that they read on the Internet to be solid truth, such manipulation is disturbing—even if it is just a flash in the pan.

    It's puzzling that Amazon can't do something to stop this fraud, but then again their driving force is making money. It's long been a source of discontent, that it's easy to buy counterfeit goods on Amazon.

    Consider too, the recent fuss about third party sellers of books on Amazon:

    SoA concerns over Amazon Marketplace trading | The Bookseller

    As Gordon Gekko said in the film Wall Street: 'Greed is good.'
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  2. AgentPete

    AgentPete Capo Famiglia Staff Member

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    Yep, they've got a problem alright, which if not addressed will undermine the whole Kindle ecosphere. So they must address it.

    Well spotted Paul, I've just forwarded this to some friends who may be able to bring more pressure to bear on it...
  3. Carol Rose

    Carol Rose Venerated Member Founding Member

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    Saw a lot about this on Facebook over the weekend. Why does it not even surprise me? *SIGH* Amazon is TOO big now and way too full of itself. No accountability for what they're doing to authors with their pricing schemes, their algorithms that no one can figure out, and the way they ignore issues like this one.

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