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BrainPick Audiobook as serialised podcasts?

As the title says really! I’m having my latest book narrated, and was thinking about putting it up as a serialised podcast (planning non-exclusive anyway). Primary goal is audience building, and sales of the main audiobook or print / e-book would be a secondary bonus.

Does anyone have thoughts? Worth while or a complete waste of time? How about frequency and podcast length?

Thanks in advance.


No, this is the right place. I don't know why no one answered it. I'll answer it. I have lots of opinions.

It sounds like a great idea to me. But then, you'd need to format it as serial fiction. The ending of each section would need to be suspensful enough to make people want to listen the following week.
Thanks to you both. I have read that report @Paul Whybrow - one of the reasons I was considering it. My reasoning is that a) I have the audio files and b) the cost of setting up the podcast etc is about $30-45.

But, it’s not written as serialised fiction - it’s just a regular novel. Chapters are short - podcast length would be 10-15 minutes. I was thinking about publishing a chapter a day from Sun to Thurs to catch commuters, which would make it a 2 month run, and then pull it not long after the final episode. Intro and outro would point to the full audiobook (perhaps via my own site) and my mailing list. I’m not expecting it to set the world on fire, like the guys at Sterling & Stone with their searilsed podcast, but if I can pull in some new ‘fans’ then so much the better.