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Reality Check A small dose of realism...

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An all-too-true reality check! I like what she says about the duality of being a writer, how one's mind is constantly in another place, working on stories. I feel for her plight, and it's one that we all know well. Writing guru Noah Lukeman says, in one of his books, that a novice writer should prepare for settling in for a ten-year struggle in trying to get published.

I just received my first rejection email in many months, from an agent who'd moved from another agency—where he also said 'No' to me—at least he's consistent in his dislike of my book!

It struck me, that Anjali Enjeti had made a rod for her own back, by continuing to try to sell a literary novel. If she knows that genre writing is easier to place, why not write a mystery or a romance? It might open the door, offering her a chance to publish something that satisfies her ambition.
I don't know who Noah Lukeman is, but the 10 year timeline feels like it might be an accurate average figure....

Re Enjeti and literary vs genre -- I sometimes wonder if it is more difficult to write a good genre book than an average lit fic book. But that will vary according to the proclivities of each writer, of course.
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