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FYI Seminar Pricing


Capo Famiglia
Full Member
Apparently we’re all in for a nasty bout of inflation… except here in the Colony!

I’ve reduced the cost of watching / renting seminars for non-members to $9.95, which is probably completely insane compared to other websites, so enjoy it while it lasts! :)

This means that frankly, you might as well join the Colony as rent the seminar for 3 days, because the cost is exactly the same. And of course if you join us, then you’ll get access to all previous seminar recordings.

I’ve therefore dropped the “2-month rule” which used to prevent Full Members from getting access to the seminar recording area until two months had elapsed. It’s simpler now: you get full access from day one of your Full Membership.

New site design is ready to go, so if you want to preview it and give feedback, don’t delay!