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inspiration! Prologues, again...

We all need a bit of it in these strange times...

James Marinero

Full Member
@Ed Simnett in his July Greetings! post started a discussion about Prologues. That set me thinking about the Prologue in my latest tome and a few strands of thought coalesced:

- the book features the use of artificial intelligence
- @Paul Whybrow is keen on audio books - not something I'm contemplating because of cost and editing effort but he got me thinking in a discussion (thanks Paul)!
- tech using AI

Anyway, I fiddled about a bit last week, edited my prologue and fed the text, piece by piece (and even sometimes word by word) to The choice of voices is limited and intonation tricky - I couldn't get it quite right - but hey it was free, I didn't even have to sign up. I did have to change a couple of Ukrainian names, and had great fun coming up with a podcast for 'Blockchain Exploit' (a title arrived at with much help from Litopians). Anyway, this podcast, about 5 minutes long.

If anyone fancies a free copy of the book then Blockchain Exploit is available now at Netgalley

I've also added some pics to the podcast to give me a video, though the separate book trailer video I knocked up is about 1 minute long and uses a readloud voice to narrate a synopsis.

I guess others here are already into this tech but I'm behind the curve having been all at sea for so long! It seems to me that there are great possibilities for fiddling fun. I'm 12K words into my next book which is a complete change for me as it's written mainly in the first person present (if that's the right terminology); that would make it easier to produce in audio.