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Question...? How does 'TikTok as a channel for books' work? Help, please

E G Logan

Full Member
Just been brought up short by something in The Bookseller's round-up of publishing industry predictions for 2022: "Publishing bosses and influencers from across the trade share their predictions and expectations for the year ahead..."

This prediction: "...the growth of TikTok as a channel for books..." baffled me entirely.

I know that much of social media passes me by – as a matter of deliberate choice – but obviously I have missed something here, possibly something of significance. I'm sure, however, that someone out there can enlighten me.
How does "TikTok as a channel for books" work? (Think VERY basic, please.)

Hannah F

Full Member
Check out "Free TikTok for authors course" thread in writers' room. I've watched first 3 sessions (6min long). Seems very straightforward so far. I'm skipping the homework of spending an hour scrolling tiktok and interacting with anything about books. I'm bad enough at engaging with twitter. I'm just paying attention so I know what to do when/if I ever need to worry about marketing.


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How to create Tiktok videos:
-Use your phone on selfie mode.
-First, wiggle and dance around in front of it, making appropriately smouldering faces towards the camera
-point to various spaces about your person, in space, nodding affirmatively, or perhaps looking curious, or whatever mood you want your video to have.
-later, edit in short words of text like: "want to best read of your life?" (affirmative nodding) "magical!" "Amazing!" "Ultimate self-care!" (swoon) "read my book!!" to the places you have pointed to, in the video bit
-add music (drop down menu on the left, choose something appropriate for the book genre)
-post on Tiktok. The more ridiculous you are (or if you include animals) the more views you will get.

Please, PLEASE link to all videos in above format that you make ;)