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Alerts from the Colony

How To Give A Membership Upgrade To Another Member (Anonymously Or Not)

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Capo Famiglia
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“Alerts” are very useful! They’ll let you know when you’ve got something to look at here – for example, when a thread you started – or a thread you’re following – has received a new reply:


Above you can see I've got two alerts waiting to be read. To read them, simply click on the bell icon.

Like most things inside the Colony, Alerts are extremely customisable. Go to your Account Preferences page to set the precise level of Alerts you want to receive. As you'll see, you can choose when you want to be Alerted, and when you don’t.

For example, if you want to receive an Alert when someone post a reply to a thread you're watching, check the box below:

You'll also see that you can choose to receive a "Push" alert as well. "Push" alerts, or notifications, are little messages that pops up in your browser when something happens here in the Colony. To use them - and they can be very useful - you may first need to enable them in your Account Preferences page:


Unfortunately, Push notifications are not supported by Safari on macOS and any browser on iOS.

Alerts will disappear from your alerts list ten days after being viewed. Unviewed alerts will automatically expire after 30 days.

Members who want even more control over their Alerts may want to enable “Persistent Alerts” in their Account Preferences page:

When ticked, you will be alerted/emailed (based on your settings) for every post in a watched thread as long as you have no unread alerts for that thread. If disabled, you'll only be alerted for new posts since the last time you viewed the thread.
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Not open for further replies.

How To Give A Membership Upgrade To Another Member (Anonymously Or Not)

Social Interest Groups (SIGs) – How To Create One