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Recent content by Bluma Bezbroda

  1. Bluma Bezbroda

    Greetings! Hello, the world!

    Welcome Craig, Your work seems very interesting :)
  2. Bluma Bezbroda

    Greetings! Hello, it's me...

    Finally, I'm not the only non-native-English writer around anymore! Warm welcome!
  3. Bluma Bezbroda

    Belated, but sincere: Sto lat! Hope you had a nice one!

    Belated, but sincere: Sto lat! Hope you had a nice one!
  4. Bluma Bezbroda

    Beta reader reactions

    Let me add that it takes balls to show people your work. Of course, I want everyone to read what I've written, but the moment I send the file, or push the "Post thread" button in the Houses—that's when I start shaking.
  5. Bluma Bezbroda

    Beta reader reactions

    Jesus, man... the only times when I'm googling 'divorce lawyer in your area' is when my partner tells me what he thought about my newest chapter. It's harsh. Sometimes it stings where you least want it to. My first reaction to criticism is always anger :oops: Fortunately, I can snap out of it...
  6. Bluma Bezbroda

    'Sensitivity readers'? Yes, please!

    I'm the last person ever who would advocate making something illegal. For a simple reason—it doesn't work. Making jokes about gas chambers in a private setting is not illegal, but people tend not to do it because it's frowned upon. Remove that stigma, lets say, go to todays Warsaw, and people...
  7. Bluma Bezbroda

    'Sensitivity readers'? Yes, please!

    Carol, of course I've read 1984 :) Also, may I remind you, I come from a country that seen the horrors of censorship and is seeing them again now. It's not that I don't understand what you all are saying. I just have a continuing impression that we are speaking about very different things. You...
  8. Bluma Bezbroda

    Clichés & the Writer

    I'm battling clichés all the time. Then, I overdo it and people don't know what it was that I really wanted to say :D Once, I described my MC's bedroom as "bringing a hooker's cubicle to mind". I was super delighted with that idea, since he was a Don Juan-ish type of person so, hehehe, take...
  9. Bluma Bezbroda

    'Sensitivity readers'? Yes, please!

    Is it that you are not allowed? Or is it that you (and all of us) should acgnowledge, that you have to take in mnd some additional factors? One of my stories is about love between two men. I get these comments that I should not write about what I don't know. The thing is, I'm not writing about...
  10. Bluma Bezbroda

    'Sensitivity readers'? Yes, please!

    Hmmmm I have the idea that that's not what the whole thing is about. I don't think it's censorship at all. It's a) a desire to be truthful in one's portrayal of things b) just plain sensitivity and respect. I don't have a desire to write about, let's say, black community BUT have I had one, I...
  11. Bluma Bezbroda

    'Sensitivity readers'? Yes, please!

    Came across this article, I have to say I really liked it: Publishers are hiring 'sensitivity readers' to flag potentially offensive content Issues like PC are a returning subject on this forum, so let's not let that tradition die out :D But, seriously, I think it's a great thing. I also...
  12. Bluma Bezbroda

    Something good... (down with weird suckiness)

    I just ate dolmas :D
  13. Bluma Bezbroda

    The most horriblest word in foreverdom

    You may laugh, but "monies". I mean, WTF, it looks like a misspelling I might have committed :D
  14. Bluma Bezbroda

    The Five Stages of Writing

    Inspiration comes first, that's true. In my case the idea is usually triggered by something really trivial, like something someone said, or something I saw on a walk in the park. Sometimes it's more complex—like last year, when we rented an apartment in the center of Barcelona to enjoy a few...