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    BrainPick A Litopian's reality!

    Wow, you make everything about your life so romantic! I can literally imagine it, and I love the Irish term, though I know not how it is pronounced and would be wary to attempt it aloud. Good luck with the wonderfully manic world around you!
  2. AngryPI

    What Would You Do? Aim for accuracy, or invoke a feeling?

    For me, pretty much the same thinking as yourself. If it didn't serve an honest function, then I would keep the description as simple as possible. Just my unpublished opinion, however, this reminds me of the author, Thomas Hardy, where he gives almost everything in his world an unyielding...
  3. AngryPI

    Help! Tagging in Space

    I think spray paint would work, but as others have said that its propulsions might jet you away, however, I think the main issue is light, and how in space, everything is basically an absence of light. So you could get the paint on the asteroid but since there is no shining light on that...
  4. AngryPI

    BrainPick A Litopian's reality!

    It is Friday night (UK Time) and the gloss of Xmas has long gone, the bright fireworks are but a distant memory that signalled another day in the week before us. My question is this: it's a Friday night, what are you doing? Better yet, what do you wish you were doing? Sincerely yours, The...
  5. AngryPI

    I have been drinking, so my social networks and my call list are unsafe from my sometimes cruel...

    I have been drinking, so my social networks and my call list are unsafe from my sometimes cruel honesty. The world can also blame my writer's observation skills for being despairingly on point!
  6. AngryPI

    The Technopocalypse

    This should be a blog post on 'What to expect when advertising on facebook'. Helpful info and very succinct.
  7. AngryPI

    Unique Marketing Ideas

    I wouldn't do it myself, but looking at authors and their names only, I would say that it is fraught with a lot of quick judgements. I would have to follow the route of Breaking Bad and do it as a homage, rather than taking credit for previous work done. I mean Walter White, Walt Whitman, and...
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    Greetings! New to Litopia

    Welcome to the Colony!
  9. AngryPI

    Greetings! Hi, just introducing myself.

    Welcome to the Colony!
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    Greetings! About me

    Welcome to the Colony! Our anthem is "You are not alone" by Michael Jackson, covered by The Litopian Choir, drums by @AgentPete
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    Amusement A title to conjure with....

    Volume 1 of ∞
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    Two Reactions…

    Though it is in its beta form, I want the unfiltered truth coming from agents and publishers. Please don't let this response affect your submission process and critiquing method.
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    Greetings! Hello from New Zealand

    Welcome to the colony. Lots of info and inspiration!
  14. AngryPI

    How to sink an ark

    Robot cyclops? Exciting! What is the Ark made of in this futuristic world? Is the crew automated or human? What is the woman's experience with regards to technical skill in bringing down a big boat? How much time does she have? Would it be easier to bring it down from the main controls or...
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    Greetings! A first hullo

    Welcome to the Colony Vicky!