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Review Metronome: Oliver Langmead

Marc Joan

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I really enjoyed this book. Reality elides into dreams for old Manderlay, who finds himself following a route mapped out by a piece of music he composed, or rather collected, from a fevered dream many years before. At journey's end, his actions result in the release of the Adversary -- and a reward for Manderlay. Sweet dreams, old man -- I hope you never wake up.

It would have been easy for Metronome to have slipped into over-the-top, self-conscious dream narratives, but somehow it doesn't; the dreamscapes Langmead paints are by turns surreal, nightmarish and beautiful. The result is something refreshingly different; I recommend it for those who like their literature a little out of the ordinary. Small gripe -- I'm left with a slight nervousness about the effect of the Adversary's release! Sleep with the lights on, henceforth...

Oh, and I almost forgot to say-- stunning cover art and interior illustrations!
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