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Greetings! Hola. From Spain?

Hola Rich,

I see you are from spain. My wife's family, on her father's side, are from Spain. Her maiden name is Subialdea. She said its a very common name in Spain.

Her first language was Spanish, what we call tex-mex, it's a little different than proper Spain Spanish. It's a blend of Mexico Spanish and Texas English.

When she was a little girl, her mom and dad moved up to Fort Worth, Texas. That's when she learned English. She went to university and now speaks better English than I do.

Im still learning my way around Litopia so please forgive my missteps. Thanks for the warm welcome and hope to speak in the future.

P.S. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this message.

Carol Rose

Staff member
Bless. What a shame. Poor lamb. What a frightening way to go, to know something's not right and not be listened to. No. One has to make up one's mind, the docs do not know it all. And what they know, they can't necessarily fix.
We know so much more now about ovarian cancer than we did back then, but it's still a tragedy no one listened to her at the time. :(