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Social Interest Groups (SIGs) – How To Create One

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Capo Famiglia
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Welcome to the Colony’s latest innovation, Social Interest Groups (SIGs). Think about SIGs as sane, intelligent, privacy-respecting alternatives to Facebook. Writers don’t always need to have their noses to the grindstone! The fallow periods between bouts of intense writing are just as important as the tough grind. Here's how to create your own SIG and invite other people into it:

A SIG can be on any topic you want it to be (although remember, we don’t do politics here, so a rabidly partisan SIG isn’t a good idea!).
If you like making cakes (I can think of a few Litopians who do… or at least, they like eating cakes) then create a SIG for yourself and other like-minded folk. If you like opera, you can do likewise. Or soap carving. Follow your fervor! Obviously, this being a writers’ colony, there are limitless opportunities for reading and writing-related SIGs. Stephen King fans, for example. Or…? It’s really up to you.
Each SIG comes with its own:
  • News feed;
  • Discussion forum;
  • Events calendar;
  • And resource area.
Please invite your writerly friends from elsewhere to join your own SIG in the Colony – particularly those folks who have had enough of Facebook. SIGs are open to all members, Basic as well as Full.

The video above tells you everything you need to know about creating your first SIG.

SIGs are accessible either by clicking the main top menu:
or from the “SIG” item on our main home page:
  • SIGs have their own home page. Once there, you’ll be able to see all currently active SIGs. You can join and/or create up to ten SIGs at a time.
  • Once you create a SIG, it’s all yours! You become the “Owner” and can control every aspect of its life. Don’t forget to publicise it to other members – post an announcement in Café Life, for example.
  • As your SIG grows, you can appoint Moderators to assist with its running.
  • Initially, we only have two main SIG categories – “Literati” (for books and reading) and “Everything Else”. Categories will be expanded as groups develop. When creating a group you should choose the appropriate category.
  • If a SIG has had no activity for 30 days it will be automatically removed.
Have fun!

:) p.
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Alerts from the Colony

Promoting Your Work on Litopia