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Pop-Up Submissions with Special Guest Rev Peter Laws


Capo Famiglia
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Featured on today's Pop-Ups...

  • "Sunflowers & Sins" - crime/romance from Phil Webberley;
  • "Hunger" - literary fiction from Samuel Wright;
  • "Chloe & Tom and The Preserver of Moseley Old Hall" - children's fiction from Sean Ivory;
  • "Entitled" - politics from Bruce Rayner;
  • "The King of Wolves" - ya fantasy from Renske de Wolf.

With special guest author, journalist & film critic Peter Laws...who aside from being a successful crime/horror novelist, is also an ordained Reverend in the UK Baptist denomination with a fascination for the macabre!

Katie-Ellen's book recommendation is "The Lost Words" by Jackie Morris.
Peter Laws's book recommendation is "Live Long And..." by William Shatner.
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"83% of British children surveyed can’t recognise a bumblebee. 23% can’t recognise a robin, 65% a bluetit, 50% a puffin. 40% don’t know a dandelion, 50% a bluebell, 99% a beech leaf. Smallish sample size but striking results. Also—it’s not the kids’ fault. "

- Robert Macfarlane, The Lost Words

Artwork by Jackie Morris
Otters  The Lost Words.jpg