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Pop-Up Submissions with special guest Lee Murray


Capo Famiglia
Full Member

Featured on today's Pop-Ups...

Special Guest New Zealand writer LEE MURRAY...

And submissions...

"From The Shadows" - crime / thriller from Ross Davies;
"Black Friday" - african literary fiction from Gbenga Kajopaye;
"Lamplight" - fantasy from Adam J Walker;
"The Talking Statues" - scholarly thriller from Andrew Lino Giarelli;
"Lola" - crime fiction from Gemma Dobson.

Katie-Ellen's book recommendation is "Bewildered Gilbert" by Eric Gurney. Buy it here: Buying Choices: Bewildered Gilbert

Lee Murray's book recommendation is "Brothers of the Knife" by Dan Rabarts. Buy it here: Brothers of the Knife (The Children of Bane Book 1) eBook: Dan Rabarts: Books

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