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Pop-Up Submissions with Special Guest Emma Robinson


Capo Famiglia
Full Member

Featured on today's Pop-Ups...

"Lone Briton" - historical fiction from Sanjay Agnihotri;
"Jelly Kelly and the Little Visitor" - childrens from Samuel Giles;
"The Idol of the Decadents" - literary fiction from Matthew MacLachlan;
"The Mirror" - new age / adult fantasy murder mystery from Ellen A. Hunt;
"Transilience" - science fiction, hard-boiled detective from Kevin Bragg.

Carol Rose's book recommendation is "Gold Dust Woman" by Stephen Davis. Buy it here: Gold Dust Woman

Emma Robinson's book recommendation is "The Women" by S.E. Lynes. Buy it here: The Women: A gripping psychological thriller eBook: S.E. Lynes: Kindle Store

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