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Pop-Up Submissions with Special Guest Daisy Waugh, 1st September


Capo Famiglia
Full Member

With Katie-Ellen and special guest Daisy Waugh

Featured on today's Pop-Ups...

"A Continuum of Love" - romance from Martin Hallgarth;
"Me and my Murderers" - thriller from Darren Burgess;
"Where Wild Flowers Grow" - supernatural, thriller from Karen Smith;
"The Hairy Hominid - The Throne of Hall’e-Loamba" - teenage/young adult fiction from Steff McAndrews;
"Home Again" - general fiction from Michael Zimmerman.

Katie-Ellen's book recommendation is "The Keeper of Lost Things" by Ruth Hogan.
Daisy Waugh's book recommendation is "Everything You Ever Wanted" by Luize Sauma.

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