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Pop-Up Submissions with Special Guest Ahmed Masoud


Capo Famiglia
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Featured on today's Pop-Ups...

"Another Age" - commercial women's fiction from Hayley Gullen;
"World Without Hope?" - science fiction from C.H.Woodson;
"Space Lawyer For Hire" - adult sf legal thriller from Matt Reardon;
"Cities of Silence" - science fantasy from Colby Weir;
"The House of Ghosts" - historical fiction from Christopher Jory.

With Special Guest Ahmed Masoud.

Geoff's book recommendation is "The Death of Sweet Mister" by Daniel Woodrell. Buy it here.

Ahmed's book recommendation is "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. Buy it here.

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@HayleyG I really like your voice too, I thought your submission had real potential.
Thank you so much Geoff and for giving me your vote!

As I wrote on the imaginary friends thread I've pretty much reached the end of the road with this novel and am well in to my next. The pop up subs provided another confidence booster though which is always welcome.