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Pop-Up Submissions with R.C. Bridgestock, 8th September


Capo Famiglia
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Featured on today's Pop-Ups...

"Besotted Boy!" - commercial fiction from Ernest Pick;
"Danny's Choice" - ya/fantasy/adventure from Jim Erith;
"Little Faustus" - young adult/horror from Bertie Nuttall;
"A Fool's Diary" - roman-à-clef; fiction from Brian Hurley;
"Darkness & Light" - sci-fi from Kyle Hoy.

Geoff's book recommendation is "Bonjour Tristesse" by Francoise Sagan.

R.C. Bridgestock's book recommendation is "Folklore of Yorkshire" by Kai Roberts.

MEET Bob & Carol (R.C. Bridgestock) at the Capital Crime Writing Festival in London on the 26th September! Home | Capital Crime Writing Festival
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So sorry about the gremlins. We need more panellists @AgentPete and I also see @georginaK would like to try out doing a reading. Excellent!

Have we lost Jessica/Malaika?

I tried rebooting, checked settings. Will do a right good cache clearing out. Hope your editing can reduce the nuisance effect somewhat. Lawd. Did Daisy indicate she would be happy to come back? I missed that bit but have done the usual thank you on Twitter.

I wrote RC Bridgestock a review for a novel not yet released, available on pre-order. I am pretty confident they would like this review shared/aired on next week's show ahead of the Capital Crime Lit Festival coming up in London later in Sept.

The novel is called PAYBACK and they sent me a proof copy.

Payback by RC Bridgestock, Katie-Ellen's review

ADD Back soon with their title suggestion. Booked in children's writer Kevin Brooke today, Sun 24 Nov. Suggestion of @Martin R. More later on his own thread.
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