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POP-UP-SUBMISSIONS - What's In It For You?

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Capo Famiglia
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Over the past 18 months, Litopia's Pop-Up Submissions has quickly established itself as an innovative and popular weekly show, broadcast live on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch.

Anyone - Litopian or non-member - can make a Pop-Up Submission through the form here. However, Litopians have certain important benefits, please read on.

Why You Should Watch
Watching Pop-Up Submissions will give you an extraordinary insight into how the manuscript submission process actually works. Every week, we look at about half a dozen submisisons and evaluate them, live and on-air. You will learn a huge amount! And - you'll have a ton of fun, too.

Join us in the Chat Room (only for Litopians!) as the show goes out live and you'll have an entertaining and enlightening experience. If you can't join us live (details below) then catch up on the week's recording on YouTube, also posted here in the Colony.

Benefits For Litopians
Pop-Up Submissions offers Litopians a fabulous way to test-market your writing concepts at a ridiculously early stage. Normally, writers are expected to complete their manuscripts (perhaps the best part of 100,000 words) before the publishing business will consider them. No longer! Now, you can test-market an idea you have, without investing months - or years - of work producing a full manuscript. All you need is a good title, a blurb, and the first 700 words.

Additionally, Litopians get acces to the Chat Room during the show, and are sometimes invited onto the show itself as pannelists.

When & Where

Every Sunday, with occasional breaks for holidays.
  • Join the Chat Room by clicking the "Chat" button on the main menu at the top of this page.

  • And watch the live stream on any one of the following:

The show officially kicks off at 6pm UK time, but the chatroom will be open an hour or so beforehand. For times in other parts of the world, check here. Or simply ask a question in Café Life. Recordings will be made available in this forum afterwards... but you'll enjoy it more - and learn more - if you join us live in the Chat Room!

Any problems you may encounter will be resolutely resolved by posting them in Chase’s Technical Questionnairium.
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