Capo Famiglia
May 19, 2014
London UK

On today's Pop-Ups Submissions…

We're delighted to bring back Jamie Mollart, a UK writer based in Leicestershire. Jamie was one of the first members of Litopia, and we're very proud of his writing achievments!

His first novel, The Zoo, was published to critical acclaim in 2015 by Sandstone Press. Amazon made him one of their rising stars that year. Jamie's short story, Home Game, was featured in the Lost and Found anthology published by Dahlia Press. His second novel, Kings of a Dead World is due to be released on June 10th 2021. His third is underway.

  • The Lion's Paw 2 - Middle School / Ya by Rick Leinecker;
  • Spelltinker - Ya Portal Fantasy by Rachel Chaundler;
  • Will (Book One of the Oneword Trilogy) - Ya Fantasy by John A Gorman;
  • ALDO PINECONE AND THE GOLDEN SPUR - Upper Middle Grade Adventure by Chris Craig
  • The Star-stone - Middle School / Ya by Bev Dalton.

Featuring Special Guests Jamie Mollart and Dean Baxter!

As a Litopian, you're invited to join everyone in the Genius Room (otherwise known as the Chat Room!) every Sunday at 4:45pm UK / 11:45am EST EST for a great time!

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