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Pop-Up Submissions LIVE Sunday 7th May

Pop-Up Submissions LIVE Sunday 30th April

Pop-Up Submissions LIVE - Sunday 14th May (and you're invited!)


Capo Famiglia
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As a Litopian, you're invited to join everyone in the Genius Room every Sunday from 4:55pm UK / 11:55am EST for a great time!

On today's Pop-Ups Submissions…
  • Steven William Hannah is an author of self-published novels, including the fantasy trilogy "The First Rule". He has a strong social media presence, with a solid and genuine following on Instagram and Twitter. Hannah has used this platform to build his career, and his work has been met with positive feedback from agents. Young Adult Fantasy / Narrated by Martin Ross
  • David Caffee is a teacher, world traveler, and author of "Centuria". He has a bachelor's in creative writing from Antioch University and a master's in English education from Wright State University, and has lived and worked in China, Korea, and Cambodia. Fantasy / Narrated by Emily Rainsford
  • Lights amidst Shadows, a Bulgarian creative writing club, is the author of "The Coin". Since 2003, they have co-authored nearly twenty novels, winning multiple Bulgarian and international awards. speculative fiction / Narrated by Jon Duffy
  • Andrew Grant is a teacher, traveller and author of "The Melon Seed". With a background of leading overseas expeditions, his fourth novel is based on his time teaching in Beijing, China. Publishers such as Penguin, Hodder and Bloomsbury have praised the book. Historical fiction / Narrated by Barbara Rickenbacher
  • Elif Gülez is the author of "Operation Mytilene", a story about the 1923 Population Exchange between Turkey and Greece. A Turkish writer based in the UK, Gülez is currently completing her Ph.D. project at Warwick University under the supervision of Prof. Maureen Freely. She lives in Leamington Spa with her partner and their dog. Literary Fiction / Narrated by Geoff Sullivan
Starring on this week's panel… creator of the author-discovery website BEN FOX!
Together with Litopian, three-time Grammy nominee & Professor of Jazz Studies STEVE WIEST!
Check out Ben Fox's website:

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Peter, Kate, and The Entire Litopian Universe of Heroic Genii!

Thank you so very much for having m on as a panelist with Pop Up Submissions today! I had a BLAST. To go from contestant to panelist in less than a year? SPECTACULAR WIN-WIN!! It was pleasure meeting Ben as well. In fact, I made a FB post about itall right away and also included it on my Medium page:
Cool Medium Post From Today

Peter, your virtuosity as host was a thing of beauty, and I loved all of the special effects and baked-in production goodies. BRILLIANT! Kate, thank you for all of your informative help with this newbie. Greatly appreciated. And the peeps in the Genius Room...I am blushing, tired from laughing, and floating on air. Thanks Y'all! :heart:

As I mentioned on the show, I'd be glad to come back any time at all. What great fun!


Pop-Up Submissions LIVE Sunday 30th April

Pop-Up Submissions LIVE - Sunday 14th May (and you're invited!)