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Pop-Up Submission LIVE Sunday 21st May


Capo Famiglia
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As a Litopian, you're invited to join everyone in the Genius Room every Sunday from 4:55pm UK / 11:55am EST for a great time!

On today's Pop-Ups Submissions…
  • Stephen Gachara is a twenty four year old pancake enthusiast and Technical University of Kenya student who has recently released his debut novel, "The White Orchid". Gachara's passion for fiction and story telling was inspired by books such as Barbara Kimenye's "Moses in Trouble", Rick Riordan's "The Lightning Thief" and Kentaro Miura's "Berserk". In his free time, Gachara works as his cat's butler. Mystery / Narrated by Kay Leitch
  • Chris Foster Tolley is the author of "Trip '89", a semi-autobiographical novel about recapturing the halcyon days of pre-internet life. An experienced lecturer in Modern British History and the creator of the successful English language teaching coursebook "Teaching Tracks", Chris is a regular contributor to non-fiction works. Genre - Coming of Age / (recent) Historical Fiction. / Narrated by Martin Ross
  • Dominic Hutchinson, a Melbourne native, is the author of "Integrating" and an avid lover of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Dystopian genres. He has a passion for writing, focusing on integrating neurologically challenged individuals, while adapting to his own learning barriers. He is currently studying the Bachelor of IT. Sci-Fi/Fantasy / Narrated by Jon Duffy
  • JC Button is an author and former army officer and inner city school teacher. He is best known for his book "The Jigsaw of Light", which explores the power of personal growth. Coming of Age Fantasy Adventure / Narrated by Kay Leitch
  • Carri-Ann Bloom is a biochemist and science journalist from Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. She is the author of the book "Beyond the Pale", which deals with the impending threat of climate change on indigenous medical knowledge systems. Thriller / Narrated by Martin Ross
Starring on this week's panel… BBC presenter & Litopian KATE SALISBURY!
Together with Litopia's very own ANNIE SUMMERLEE!
Check out Kate Salisbury's website: K E Salisbury

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Pop-Up Submission LIVE Sunday 21st May