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Capo Famiglia
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As a Litopian, you're invited to join everyone in the Genius Room every Sunday from 4:55pm UK / 11:55am EST for a great time!

On today's Pop-Ups Submissions…

* Nicki Bell is a self-published author of the #1 Amazon bestseller novella "The Perfect Sham" and the romantic comedy series "Sweet in Scotland". She lives in Scotland with her husband and two children, where she enjoys writing and spending time with her family.
Psychological thriller / Narrated by Peggy Brusseau

* Emma Smith is an Irish writer who has had a number of short stories published. After studying journalism, she applied herself to creative writing and has now completed her debut novel, "The Scent of a Monster", which explores environmental/climate issues in a fantasy/sci-fi setting.
Fantasy / Narrated by Geoff Sullivan

* Elika Ansari is a published author, refugee youth worker, yoga instructor, and social scientist. Her latest book, "The Caterbury Tails: The Magicats +1" is a middle-grade fantasy novel about the effects of climate change.
Middle grade fantasy / Narrated by Alison Gardiner

* Christina Boyd is a "Woman In The Painting" author, writer, editor, reviewer, artist, and great reader. Her debut novel was a 2022 top finalist in two literary contests and her work has been featured in over fifty books. Christina's own English fantasy came true when she sipped champagne with Henry Cavill atop the London Eye.
upmarket: dual-era romantic fiction with elements of magical realism and mystery / Narrated by M.E. Lewis

* "A Shark To The Killing" is the debut novel by Ian Siragher, a recently retired business executive turned writer and ceramic artist. His exploration of 3D printing to create slipcasting moulds has seen him become a regular exhibitor at prestigious ceramic shows. With the help of The Literary Consultancy and Jericho Writers Ultimate Novel Writing Course, he has completed 3 novels, with 3 more in development.
Detective, Thriller. / Narrated by Geoff Sullivan
Starring on this week's panel… Publisher BELLA PEARSON!
Together with Litopia's very own KAYLIE FINN!
Check out Bella Pearson's website: GuppyBooks.Co.Uk

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Pop-Up Submissions LIVE Sunday 16th April

Pop-Up Submissions LIVE Sunday 30th April