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Pop-Up Submissions LIVE 9th February with Arianne "Tex" Thompson


Capo Famiglia
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Arianne "Tex" Thompson's book recommendation is "Ain’t Nobody Nobody" by Heather Harper Ellett.

Featured on this edition of 's Pop-Ups...
  • "The Age of Independence" - sci fi crime thriller from Ursula Hirschkorn;
  • "The Exit Room" - speculative fiction from Clara Harland;
  • "The Witches of Vegas" - young adult fiction from Mark Rosendorf;
  • "The Last Gypsy" - literary thriller from Jackson Banks;
  • "Da Vinci's Last Supper: The Forgotten Tale" - historic fiction from Paul Arrowsmith.
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Just watched back through... WELL DONE @Jackson Banks !! I loved reading that :)

And @Leah, hope you are feeling much better; we had to come back from my brother's wedding early: five of six children were also running massive fevers, complete with hallucinating. It made for a most interesting experience (Wedding cake + a dose of Lunatic Child). Virtual cold cloths and vit C from across the ocean :heart:

RK Capps

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Just watched the show, congrats @Jackson Banks, fabulous entry! I echo @Steve C, WOW! What a great show, what a great guest, very inciteful. All the authors received top-notch feedback, and that's what you want. Actually, we've had some great guests, so keep telling @KateESal and me your guest recommendations :) Pity @LeahH was sick, but that can't be helped, hope she's better soon.

Steve C

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All very strong submissions. I'm looking forward to my guest spot on this Sundays show. If this is anything to go by, choosing a favourite won't be easy.
I wish you luck, you are a brave man indeed. I'd like it if we went back to the old way of selecting who goes on the show. Last weeks quality left me with a sense of inferiority :(