Pop-Up Submissions 8th March with Roz Morris

Pop-Up Submissions LIVE 15th March with Daisy Waugh


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May 19, 2014
London UK

Featured on today's Pop-Ups...
  • "Popcorn Fox in the Sands to the City" - ya climatic fiction from Oliver Prescott;
  • "Outbox" - comedy from Tom Duggins;
  • "Enemy on the Other Side" - speculative fiction from Caroline A Scott;
  • "The Last House in London" - post-apocalyptic distopia from Theodor Bernard Kung;
  • "Contractor" - memoir/espionage/adventure from Billy Mays.
Kaylie Finn's book recommendation is "In Search of Silence" by Poorna Bell. Buy it here: In Search of Silence: Amazon.co.uk: Poorna Bell: 9781471169212: Books

Roz Morris's book recommendation is "Night Work: A Novel" by Thomas Glavinic. Buy it here: Night Work: A Novel: Thomas Glavinic: 9781847671844: Amazon.com: Books

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Pop-Up Submissions LIVE 15th March with Daisy Waugh