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Pop-Up Submissions, 4th August


Capo Famiglia

Featured on this edition of Pop-Up Submissions…

"J49 - A Bear On The Run" - an environmental thriller from Jiannina Camillo;
"Shiny Bits In Between" - literary fiction/contemporary women's fiction from Georgina Key;
"The Rulers Above: Eternity's Glow" - epic fantasy from Del Winterbottom;
"Race Ya!" - non-fiction/fitness/running from Paul Birch;
"Obsidian Gate" - fantasy from Matthew Silvester.

Amber's book recommendation is "The Haters: A Band. A Road Trip. A Gig That Maybe Doesn't Suck" by Jesse Andrews.

Eva's book recommendation is "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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Capo Famiglia
Yes, it’s been trimmed incorrectly. I have to manually trim it to remove the first 30 mins or so on YouTube, the period during which it’s simply counting down to the start of the show, that no-one would normal watch on the recording. Looks as if it also removed a few mins from the ending :(