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Pop-Up Submissions, 31 March


Capo Famiglia
On today's show... "Journey to the Heart of the Sun" by Jeremy Kuper; "The Bluehorn Experiment" by MacNeal Kent; "The Caliph of Qasbat Al Noor" by Elena Scialtiel; "Trouble in Paradise" by Racine Hiet; "Raw Sexuality, or A Year of Indiscretion" by Michael Fleischer.
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Just watched the video. This week none of the submissions grabbed me but it was nice to meet Rainbow and Malaika. Good on you. I thought you both did really well. I thought last weeks guests were also brilliant RC ? The ex coppers with experience of cannibalism even!! Thanks Pete, keep em coming :)
The Bridgestocks are busy people, but they will certainly be asked back :)