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Pop-Up Submissions, 29th July


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Just caught up on the last half hour (I had to put the kids to bed). Excellent to see a call in!

Also... whether you like it or not, I ain't no bot; I bashed out the Clerihew, as quick as a Honeydew [melon, ripening in fast-motion on a BBC documentary about the secret life of fruit, narrated by David Attenborough].

The trick to quick rhyming is mostly about turning your brain off.
Owl! Thank you Kirsten :) I was on FB and didn't hear any of that on Sunday.They fly on the 13 miles of moor road to my parents's house. Counted 16 one night, driving slowly, headlights dipped, as they quartered the moor, flying in relays, hunting baby rabbits, swooping low across the road.
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