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Thank you Pete et al for your comments on my latest work. I truly appreciate it. I am going to finish The Silence of Children over the next few months before I decide where it should really start, which seems to be the biggest issue. I cut a lot of scaffolding from the opening after my last review, but obviously still missed the mark. That is maybe the problem with my previous books, too. They're OK once you get on the train, but maybe it sits too long on the platform...

I have been told by various readers that my previous novel made made compulsive reading (despite the multiple viewpoints) as the action of the main character was always the driving focus. I enjoy bringing various threads gradually towards a single cohesive climax, and saw that as a strength rather than a failing. H'm. I'm going to try to stick to a single viewpoint with this one, though - a challenge!

PS, my name is Christine, but I hate the connotation. I'd better put up a girly image...
Oh, and my Mum likes my stories...:D Except the naughty ones.