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Pop-Up Submissions, 24th February


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Haha, I'll allow someone else to take the mantle for a while :) @AgentPete , hope you are feeling better today, what a rotten dose (and typical that everything would and could go wrong).


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I wouldn't have guessed but....
Neither would I...!

Your stories are eminently readable Amber, it would be a pleasure :)

I usually chose the stories simply on the blurb and would only read them when recording. I must have an excellent honing device for good'uns!

Eva Ulian

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I think you all do a perfectly wonderful job, I'll gladly hand over my stuff to any of you... unfortunately my voice is nothing to write home about... I sound like a little girl of twelve, no joke!


Capo Famiglia
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I’m a very sick puppy at the moment, btw. Just finished tonight's Michelle LIVE, far more complex than Pop-Ups... so much could go wrong. We got thru it!
Live video is so interesting. It’s all in the preparation. Almost a zen-like discipline.
You winged it so well, and the finished product looks great. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Emily and I were talking earlier...some serious stinkers about....
Must mosey over and look at Michelle. I was going to watch live, but summat intervened.


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Awww, Peter :( We are recovering here from a right dose too.

Looking forward to watching Michelle (not quite) LIVE later, we were having birthday cake here :)


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Great show; shook down really well at the end. Think there is one submission of almost just recipes coming up in march. Let's make Emily read that one...cackles...


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Think there is one submission of almost just recipes coming up in march.
Really? Must go check that out. I will really have to start reading the submissions. I fear I'm a bit of a chancer. (If they are good recipes, you may hear me drool)


does anyone know if you can "unsubmit" or revise a submission. I submitted a couple weeks ago but I've since totally rethought the opening.