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Pop-Up Submissions, 20th January

@Webbwalker , I really enjoyed reading it, I found it fascinating and would love to read more. I'm a sucker for communes (although it would be my idea of a nightmare way to live!!)
I’m more than happy for you to read more if you'd really like to, though the commune is over and done in the first chapter as the story moves on to ghostly stuff. I think I need to go to work on those chapters. I was blown away by my reception on pop-ups, I really wasn’t expecting the thing to be so well received. It was rejected 25 times last year, mostly form rejections; 8 agents simply never replied at all, so I’d assumed my writing must be terrible and only put it up for Pop-Ups in hope of finding out what was wrong with it. So I have to assume the problem is with subsequent chapters - unless my query letter is so dreadful, agents are not getting beyond it (but I don’t think it’s that).

The Pop-Up experience was a welcome boost to my confidence, but more than that, it’s been immensely useful in pointing out where the problem must lie, and where I need to direct my attention. I always suspected there might be an energy drop in chapter 2 and I’m wondering whether to dip a toe into the writing groups (never had the nerve before), post a little more of the novel there, and see if anyone can help me sort out where I’m going wrong.
It had 'the voice'. Echoes of 'The Lovely Bones'. Very different, but maybe a potential market comparison?
Goodness gracious, thank you for that, that’s high praise indeed! I think (I’d have to check) I may have included a comparison to TLB in a query before. I usually research the agent, and try to find out what they like or who they already represent, and angle my pitch accordingly, so I’ve compared my novel to a fair few other books. :rolleyes: Lately I’ve been comparing it to The Goldfinch and The Ocean at the End of the Lane. And now I’m wondering if that might be a confusing and off-putting juxtaposition.
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