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Our Words of The Day


Capo Famiglia
Full Member
Many thanks to @AliG - a Litopian guest on Pop-Ups as well as a talented narrator of submissions - for the following exhaustive list of Pop-Ups WORDS OF THE DAY! What an amazing, eclectic collection of recondite words from our panellists... Some of them certain to amuse, baffle or otherwise engage your attic salt:)

Absquatulateleave abruptly
Agathokakologicalcomposed of both good and evil.
Alexithymiadeficiency in understanding emotions
Alnitak Alnilam MintakaStars in Orion’s Belt
Amourettea petty love affair
Antidisestablishmentarianismpolitical philosophy opposed to the separation of a religious group (church) and a government (state)
April EosturmonathOn the seventh month summer begins also known. as April or Eosturmonath. The name refers to a month of the Germanic calendar attested by Bede as named after. the goddess Eostre of Anglo Saxon paganism.
Attic saltRefined, delicate wit
Birefringenceoptical property of a material, the refractive index depends on the polarization and propagation direction of light ie more than one thing can occur to the light that encounters it eg bounces off in different directions, splits into colours.
Conchoidaldenoting a type of fracture in a solid (such as flint) which results in a smooth rounded surface resembling the shape of a scallop shell.
Cordwainera shoemaker who makes shoes from new leather
Dogberryismthe use of an incorrect word in place of a word with a similar sound, resulting in a nonsensical, sometimes humorous utterance.
Erinaceouslike or relating to the hedgehog
Eyrea circuit court held in medieval England by a judge (a justice in eyre ) who rode from county to county.
Floccinaucinihilipilification:the habit or action of estimating something as worthless
Galoreplenty, abundance
GobemoucheLiterally, a fly swallower; hence, once who keeps his mouth open; a boor; a silly and credulous person. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G.
GrouseTo complain or game bird
Guacamolesque(French) cool
Hypermnesiaabnormal ability to remember
Kakorrhaphiophobiaabnormal fear of failure.
Kenninga compound expression in Old English and Old Norse poetry with metaphorical meaning, e.g. oar-steed = ship.
Lasciviousfeeling or revealing an overt sexual interest or desire.
Lethalogicainability to remember the right word
LibrocubicularistOne who reads a lot in bed
LiminalThe threshold between opposites: life/death, sleep/waking
Metonymythe substitution of the name of an attribute or adjunct for that of the thing meant, for example suit for business executive, or the turf for horse racing.
Moue:facial expression; slightly displeased
Nemetansacred space/sanctuary
Nemphohilistsomeone with a love or fondness for forests, woods, or woodland scenery, or someone who often visits them – a 'haunter' of woods
Obfuscateto make unclear
PaucityToo little of something
Petrichora pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.
ResurgamFrom classical Latin resurgam 'I shall rise again'
Runasecret, mystery
Sapid:tasty, flavoursome
Sequesterisolate and hide away, to take/appropriate
Smellyfungusa captious critic; faultfinder : FAULTFINDER
Snollygostera shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician
Ultracrepidarianone who gives opinions beyond his or her knowledge
Vernalof, relating to, or occurring in the spring
Yay!As a disliked word…