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Introducing Question Threads...

One of the great strengths of Litopia is the unstinting commitment we all have to helping and supporting each other through the writing process. There is a wide range and depth of knowledge here for all members to benefit from and indeed contribute to.

We’re making this process significantly easier with the introduction of a new type of thread in cafe Life – Question Threads.

Let me walk you through this – it’s not difficult.

Let’s say you have a burning question to ask of other members. Like this:

Screenshot_2020-10-06 Post thread.png
Here's how you do it...

FIRST... Hit the "Post Thread" button, as normal.
NEXT... In the menu where it says "Discussion" / "Poll" / "Question" select QUESTION
THEN... Ask you question in the normal way and post the thread. Then wait for answers.

Screenshot_2020-10-06 Question - This Is A Question Indeed .png
Simply by clicking the "Up" arrow on the right.

The most popular answers will rise to the top.

This can, obviously, be used for frivolous as well as serious questions. There's one here :)

Finally, when you as the owner and creator of the thread have reviewed all the answers, you can TICK your preferred answer to mark it as the "Solution".

I hope this will be both useful and fun!
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