Huddle Huddle July 6th - 5.00am UK time - Book Here


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Mar 1, 2020
Project in a muddle? Then what you need is the Huddle. The invaluable weekly resource where you can road-test your work.

Every Saturday @AgentPete cordially invites you to share your work in progress, his literary insights and industry experience, or just to join in the fun. If you've yet to attend one of these legendary gatherings, then don't hesitate. You'll be made feel more than welcome and chances are you'll likely learn lots too.

So why not submit a piece for assessment? Whether that's some opening pages (1000 words max please), a blurb or synopses, an outline, book proposal - or indeed whatever - then benefit from having it critiqued in real time by Pete and the collective; something you'd pay serious money for elsewhere, but that rather amazingly is included as part of your Full Membership!

Submitting's not mandatory, though. You can just bring yourself and share your thoughts on the pieces others submit, or if you prefer, just get involved in the general chat.

Event Details: Saturday July 6th at 5.00 pm UK time.

In addition to submissions, Pete will also be happy to take any publishing related questions on all aspects of books and the industry in general. So go on, ask him anything. He's a regular mine of information. Oh, and of course Huddles are also a great opportunity to network with fellow Litopians in person.

Who Can Take Part?

As mentioned above, Huddles are TOTALLY FREE and an absolutely incredible resource that comes with your Litopia FULL MEMBERSHIP package. So for less than $10 bucks (monthly membership cost) then quite simply there is nothing out there to match it for value.

To reserve your place at this stage simply add your name below in this thread. You will then be included in the submissions Private Group in the Huddle Hangout (created Weds / Thurs). It will contain the meeting link and it is where you may attach your work.

Members are encouraged to join from 4.30pm onwards to test your connections and chat to fellow Litopians before things get underway. The virtual coffee is the best on the Internet. It ought to be as you're making it ;)

We use ZOOM which you can join in any browser, but you may find you get a rather better experience by downloading the Zoom App
Hmmmm. It's England V Switzerland ... Hmmmm. I don't like football but .... Footie comes with beer.

See you next time, maybe.