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May 19, 2014
London UK
Over the past two years, Litopia's Pop-Up Submissions has established itself as an innovative and popular live weekly show. We're the first show to take readers and writers behind the scenes of the publishing industry... and reveal what really goes on what you submit a manuscript to an agent or publisher!

Anyone - Litopian or non-member - can make a Pop-Up Submission through the form here. However, Litopians have certain important benefits, please read on.

*** Why You Should Watch***

Watching Pop-Up Submissions will give you a unique insight into how the manuscript submission process actually works. Every week, we look at five submisisons and evaluate them, live on-air. You will learn a huge amount! And - you'll have fun, too.

Join us in the Chat Room (only for Litopians!) as the show goes out live and you'll have an entertaining and enlightening experience. If you can't join us live then catch up on the week's recording on YouTube, also posted here in the Colony.

*** Benefits For Litopians ***

Pop-Up Submissions offers Litopians a fabulous way to test-market your writing concepts at a ridiculously early stage. Normally, writers are expected to complete their manuscripts (perhaps the best part of 100,000 words) before the publishing business will consider them. No longer! Now, you can test-market an idea you have, without investing months - or years - of work producing a full manuscript. All you need is a good title, a blurb, and the first 700 words.

Additionally, Litopians get acces to the Litopia Chat Room during the show, and are sometimes invited onto the show itself as pannelists.

*** When & Where ***

Every Sunday, with rare breaks for holidays.

  • Join the Chat Room by clicking the "Chat" button on the main menu at the top of this page.
  • Watch the live stream on Litopia's YouTube channel

The show starts at 5pm London UK time. For times in other parts of the world, check the Time Zone Converter here.

Recordings will be made available in this forum afterwards... but you'll enjoy it more - and learn more - if you join us live in the Chat Room!
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Victoria Bastedo

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Jan 10, 2020
Snoqualmie, WA, United States

Thanks to @KateESal for cutting together such a nice promo video! Please help spread the Pop-Up word and share the video far and wide, with your friends, family and social network.
I shared this, really great promo video for a wonderful service offered to writers. I appreciate all Litopia and Pop-Up submissions has helped me with.


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May 5, 2018
Your thumbs up mean the world, fellow Litopians! Thanks so much.

My first go at a video promo and I'm glad it's turned out so well. Having a raconteur who's relaxed in front of the camera, plus a handy archive of lively clips and bon mots to choose from made it a very enjoyable project, I must say.

I'm going to wait a couple of days until hopefully the dust settles a bit after the American election (yeah, I know...) and then I'll be obsessively waving the Litopian flag across social media (and if the dust doesn't settle, I'll wave that flag anyway).


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Jan 18, 2020
I tried to join you all yesterday - but the door was firmly shut; even when i re-started my computer I couldn't get in. Hopefully I'll be allowed back for pop up today!!
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Jul 26, 2018
@Michael C , just to let you know; it will be months before a submission, submitted now, will be aired, as we've an enormous backlog... But if you'd like to jump the queue we've Priority Bookings and you'll be "in" within the next couple of weeks ;)
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Eva Ulian

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Nov 16, 2018
Venice - Italy
My tweetdeck looks like a checkboard of Pop-Ups. I've RT @KateESal, I've tweeted one I've made up myself and my doggie has RT all of them!- Facebook too LinkedIn and tumblr- I've only my blog to do now.

Ah yes, so as to be effective, repeat next week, and the the week after that and again... if I remember.

LATER: I FORGOT THE HASHTAGS! They are very import as they reach far more than my own followers. I'll do it all again tomorrow with the hashtags such as #writers #writing #querytip #literaryagents, #amquerying, #amwriting #writerslife #writer,
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