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13 newbie writer mistakes to avoid

Top 10 Query tips


This morning I heard the best advice about the advice others offer:
From Michael Caine:

I don't give advice, because all the advice I got from the old-timers was to give it up. So I don't give advice, because that's advice I don't take.

Now, I may be paraphrasing, but the gist is there. I agree with him. All the advice I got when young and aspiring 'to be a writer' was to give up. Now, I say to those naysayers: I'll show you, and you'll be proved wrong.

And there is the nub of the message: regardless of what anyone else says, if you give up it's because you didn't want it enough. If you do want it enough, you get your back up, grow leather skin, and set out to prove them wrong.

I love that. Go ahead, prove them all wrong.


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If you want to do it, and you're doing it for its own sake, no fear or favour, you will, regardless. You might lose interest at some point and that's fine. You decided for yourself.

13 newbie writer mistakes to avoid

Top 10 Query tips