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About Pop-Ups Catch-Ups...

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Capo Famiglia
Staff member
Pop-Ups Catch-Ups is an irregularly-scheduled but very important event for Litopia. We receive a great many entries for our show Pop-Up Submissions… so many that the backlog would reach back many months – eventually several years. Pop-Ups Catch-Ups is the solution: a members only internal event that decides which ones will go forward to the show itself. It’s almost identical to the process that most literary agencies and publishers go through when they decide which submissions to pick up and take to the next stage.
There is no specific schedule, we simply arrange one when we need to catch up.
I’d be delighted if you would join me for – and participate in – the next Pop-Ups Catch-Ups. It’s only open to Litopians, and recording are only viewable here. Watch out for notifications.
Not open for further replies.