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Capo Famiglia
May 19, 2014
London UK
Welcome to Café Life, the Colony's main hangout, watering hole and meeting point in case of sudden depressurization or other emergencies.

Think of it as your favourite rendezvous from la Belle Epoque – a place where you can meet and make writing friends, and indulge in stratospherically-elevated wit or barometrically low humour. Some Colonists pop in religiously every day before or after work. Others we see here less regularly, but all are equally welcome.

It’s a good starting point to ask for advice too, especially if you're new here.

A few simple grounds rules.

  • Don't give offence
  • Don't take offence.
  • Keep your politics to yourself.

Café Life is not for manuscript review! Please don't post your work-in-progress here: that's what The Writing Groups are for. Nor is it a good place to hawk your wares, whatever they may be. We have a place for that - The Marketplace - you're welcome to hawk there to your heart's content.

And remember, please. If a Guardian asks you to do something... just do it.

Of all the gin joints in all the towns of the world... we’re delighted that you decided to walk in here!

Have an amazing time! :) p.
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