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The Panopticon Experiment - The Siklus Series Book One

No permission to buy ($9.99)
I've been so looking forward to downloading this and reading it over Christmas. I *know* it will be excellent, so am rating it appropriately in advance.
Rachel Caldecott-Thornton
Rachel Caldecott-Thornton
I have had an epiphany! My Amazon book description was letting me down. So the new version (which takes 72 hrs to upload onto the site, unfortunately), is much better, and now reads:

Seventeen-year-old orphan, Flo has a mission: To find her parents' killers and reveal the truth behind a series of disappearances across the city. In a new world where animals and humans are equal, a secret terrorist group will stop at nothing to bring society back to the dark ages of the twenty-first century when man was king. Flo is joined by her best friend, Seb, and Lonce, the rare snow leopard with whom they share a telepathic bond. Together they travel to the far north of the British archipelago to confront the evil Human Supremacy League.