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Hell's Needle

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Charlie Kenning thinks he has it all, born into a privileged family with opportunities offered only to the upper echelons of society. He could never have imagined a different life.

He is quick off the starting blocks, showing academic and sporting brilliance. But a single joint of cannabis on a night out before a University interview destroys his dreams of a place at Oxford – now left with an uncertain future. Even after an opportunity to get back on his feet, Charlie’s descent into drug addiction is relentless, destroying all that is precious to him; eventually tearing him apart from family, friends, and then his livelihood. He does not choose to be an addict. Addiction has chosen him.

He finally reaches rock bottom, cast adrift into the hell of Dante’s inferno that haunts his dreams, With nothing to live for, a new and unexpected encounter could finally change his life forever, as he teeters on the edge of hope. But is it enough to save him from the devastation of an uncertain tomorrow?
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