Dingo & Sister

Dingo & Sister

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Winner of Best Fantasy Novella, 2020 Aurealis Awards.
Winner of Best Young Adult Short Story, 2020 Aurealis Awards.
Finalist for Best Science Fiction Novella, 2020 Aurealis Awards.

Anika has nowhere left to run.

Stuck at the edge of the desert and unable to return home, she and her dingo companion steal from travellers about to cross the climate-ravaged sands to Alice Springs.

Such journeys are fraught with danger: heatstroke, dehydration, snakebite. Many people die trying to reach Alice, Anika knows this first hand. She tried once and nearly lost everything. But when she gets caught stealing, her hand is forced. With a group of enraged, gun-toting travellers on her trail, she must run one last time.

She must face the desert and its ghosts again.

This time, there's no turning back.

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I read this in one sitting, which I can't say about many books! Having said that, I expected from the blurb and very professional cover it would be a full length novel rather than a shorter story. It's a great concept, and I think there's potential for a longer novel. Still, it moves along at just the right pace, plenty of classic ups and downs for the protagonist and finishes on a satisfying climax. This reader wasn't let down.