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Welcome from Peter Cox

Hello and welcome to Litopia - the net's oldest, best and indeed nicest community for writers.

Whether you're a seasoned writing professional or an absolute beginner, Litopia has a huge amount to offer you. Since our founding two decades ago, we've brought writers together from all over the globe. We're a collegiate comunity that exists to serve each and every member's needs... social, business, professional and beyond (we've recently had our first marriage between Litopians!). This is what you can expect to do here:

  • You'll meet other writers and network like crazy
  • You'll actively develop your work-in-progress in our confidential Writing Groups
  • You'll hone your writing skills far beyond what you might have expected
  • You'll keep your finger on the pulse of the publishing business
  • You'll take part in our live events, such as our monthly Writers' Huddles and our weekly Pop-Up Submissions
  • You'll hang out in the Back Room, our confidential discussion and meeting area

Litopians are a remarkably friendly bunch. You'll soon notice how quickly other members will take a keen interest in your progress as a writer. Prepare to meet some amazing talent here, and to make some lifelong friends.

I hope you choose to join us!

With kindest wishes,

Peter Cox

(AgentPete in the Colony)