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Imran Omer

I am the author of Entangled Lives. I was born in Karachi and studied in Karachi and Chicago. I am a graduate of the University of Illinois and American College of Education. I teach Art and English as a Second Language (ESL). I have taught in the United States, Oman and Saudi Arabia. I love teaching but my passion lies in writing. My artwork and blog can be seen at www.imranomerart.com and https://imranomer.blog/ respectively. I reside in Homewood, Illinois.
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Entangled Lives
Raza, a poor orphan trapped in the slums of Pakistan, is sent to a strict madrassah where he meets and falls in love with Perveen. They attempt to flee the city to escape their respective fates but fail. Perveen, pregnant, is sent back to her family, and Raza is sent to Afghanistan to fight as a Taliban solider. American journalist, Rachael Brown, travels to Afghanistan to cover the political unrest. When she meets Raza for a brief interview, she sees for the first time the true face of the Taliban: poor and desperate young men with nowhere else to go. As the war unfolds, their paths cross again, and each must decide what they owe the other.

The Broken Promise (Upcoming novel):
History reinvents us, culture shapes us, and politics either liberates us or send us into the hell of enslavement.

The Broken Promise depicts an awakening in the first half of the twentieth century, an awakening that is still encompassing our lives. The change in the East was in political thought and philosophy of life, whereas the West was at the threshold of new avenues of freedom. The dawn of the new era reinvents the characters of The Broken Promise, destroying the old paths. It is the story of characters that appear from different socioeconomic and cultural backdrops in Britain and colonial India, and interact in the framework of the variables of life to depict a view of that era through their desires, deeds and dilemmas.
Favourite Books
Poisonwood Bible
Elizabeth Costello
Onyx and Crake
Handmaid's Tale