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June 2016 Week 3

First of all, thank you to @Chase Gamwell , @Robinne Weiss for taking part in the competition and our fellow Litopians for voting in the competition.
Again, it's all about taking part, so in that respect, you are *Both* winners. @Robinne. is chosen as the winner based on the number of likes.

Congratulations to all of you for taking part.


aka Anne Chen
Staff member
Might I suggest a prompt? I remember --I think it was James--telling a story about someone who had found a book and I always thought that would make an awesome prompt. o_O
That would be a good prompt. :) How about the FC winners get to suggest the next month's prompt?


aka Anne Chen
Staff member
OOooooh, my bad. I had no idea the winner was choosing the prompt.
No, looks like my bad. It was only my suggestion to encourage more members to post up entries, but decided against as it may cause disharmony in the Colony.
You can definitely use your 'finding book' prompt for the August FC though. :) I look forward to reading it. ;)

Well I think it can't hurt for winners to make suggestions for the next writing prompt, but the FC moderator has the last say.
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