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FYI Pop-Up Submissions – An Update

Hello everyone, just a quick update for you on where we are with Pop-Up Submissions. As always, your thoughts more than welcome.

The new format seems to be working pretty well. I’ll be reducing the number of submissions per show down from nine to seven in the next one (this coming Sunday). I think that’s a better number, and will produce a shorter show. It was two hours last time, too long.

Technically, I’m quite happy. The bandwidth held up nicely last time, when we were simultaneously streaming to Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. We were also taking video input from two guests (more on this below). The computer seemed to handle all the video processing just fine.

The workflow is becoming easier for me to handle. This is really quite a big deal, and the main reason I’ve asked (and you’ve responded) to do a series of “beta” shows – I've basically been training myself in the workflow while, at the same time, trying to hold the thing together at a presenting level. It’s like walking and chewing gum at the same time :) Anyway, I’m feeling much more on top of this now.

Next Sunday’s show may be the last beta one we do, mostly depending on whether I can find time in the coming week to invite some publishing pros onto the show (and whether indeed folk will be around, we’re into holiday season now).

Guests on the Panel

We’ve had some fine volunteer guests – Ali, Katie-Ellen, Kirsten – and this is a feature I’d like to expand, i.e. the panel will consist of a guest publisher, a guest Litopian, and of course my humble self. I’m very keen to enlarge our panel of Litopians!

I think everyone will agree that it’s fun to appear on the show. You get to look at submissions in an entirely new way – and that’s good – and also to meet and chat with real, live working publishers. I’d like to build up a little stable of guests to draw on and rotate through, so please do get in touch with me (either below or via a message) and let me know if you’d like to come on. There are certain tech requirements: mainly a decent internet connect, a headset microphone and, of course, a computer with a video camera attached or built in (most laptops have them built in). Let me know.

How To Use Pop-Ups

If you think about it, Pop-Ups offer you, the writer, a fabulous way to test-drive an idea you have at a ridiculously early stage. I’ve always disliked the idea that writers have to complete their manuscripts before the business will deign to consider them. This seems, to me, to be a notion out of the Ark. It’s enormously wasteful of writers’ time – particularly when you understand that most of the time, the business is really only responding to the impact of your first few pages in any case.

So Pop-Ups offer you a highly efficient way of test-marketing an idea you may have, without investing months of work.

I say this, primarily, just for Litopians. I don’t really want the general writing public to use us like this, because we may be inviting an avalanche of insane, inane or otherwise low-quality submissions, which we’ll then have to pre-vet.

Anyway, let me know if you’d like to test for the panel, and do join me this Sunday again!