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NEW FORMAT Pop-Up Submissions, 10th June 2018


A grand eve. Great new format. I think spending less time on each sub works well. It kept me engaged and interesed even if something wasn't my cup of brew. Good move @AgentPete .

Pete, on a practical side, and it might have been at my end only, but the music in between the subs (when the graphics came up) was a fair amount louder than the rest to the point it made me jump a few times. Might need adjusting, if it's adjustable. Not sure if others had the same.

Thank you Ali. You're very insightful as well. I think you two fitted perfectly as a team. I hope you'll join Pete next time? Good to listen to.
I missed the live stream (gutted) but just watched the playback. It's very snazzy, I really like it! There were, perhaps, too many submissions for one session. I couldn't remember them all by the end, but nonetheless really insightful. Thanks @AgentPete!

Also @Rich. really enjoyed your submission! It was the clear winner for me.