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Meet Your Guardians


Capo Famiglia
You may have noticed a short list of Guardians under each forum’s title. Guardian’s are kindly folk who have offered to spend a little of their time in helping Litopia remain the friendly and helpful place it is today. They will be pleased to give you any (reasonable!) help you may need – just ask.

Cafe Life and its private sub-forumThe Back Room - Carol Rose, Barbara
The Whole Writer - Carol Rose
Writing Wiki - Carol Rose

Flash Club - Anne

Writing Groups - Rich

Chase Gamwell is responsible for helping people get to grips with Discord, the free chat/ audio / video software we use to conduct most of our live events, such as Pop-Up Submissions, seminars, and so on. I encourage everyone to install Discord and to configure it so you can both hear what’s being said and also be heard using your own microphone. If you need a bit of hand-holding to get this set up properly (and who doesn’t?) then Chase is your man. We have a dedicated forum just for that – appropriately called Chase’s Technical Questionnairium.